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Common Ground Swimming Pools
Today's economy presents many challenges to the homeowner.

You need to work with a company than understands your needs and understands the economy.

Common ground is ready to be your partner.

We have an experienced, tested crew ready for any new installation.  We will walk you through every step, providing personalized service at the best value.

We know how to save you money on your existing installation.  New pumps, electrical systems and controls will pay for themselves in 18 months.  With the rising energy costs in California, this maybe the best action you can take.

Our experience in the Coachella Valley provides us with the insights of the best ways to improve property values by updating an old installation.  We have many customers who had adequately functioning pools, that were just not appealing in today's market.  We know how to fix that.

Free Estimates
Want to know more?  We will be glad to meet with you, discuss your wants and needs, and provide you an estimate of the costs and timing.  Free, of course.  Contact us and we will work to your schedule.  You can be sure of getting the best personal service.  Fill out the form at right and let us know your interests.  Thank you!
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